Is travel the key to a bright, educational future?

As the world becomes more connected culturally and economically, international travel programs will be your child’s passport to an exciting future.  Parents are supplementing their child’s education by looking into the benefits of a summer language camp.

Camps are increasingly popular for younger students for the enriching experience provided outside of the classroom. Reputable camps with professional teachers safely encourage independence, communication, leadership and language skills, while fostering a greater understanding of the world and improving cultural sensitivity and understanding.


   Educational teen travel improves academic performance in students:

A study performed by The Wagner Group found that adults who took educational trips between the ages of 12 and 18 had both better grades and higher incomes than those who did not travel.

86% said travel made them more intellectually curious

80% said travel made them more interested in school

52% said travel influenced their career choice


It is evident that this is an opportunity to lay a foundation of adventure, curiosity, humility and optimism for a 21st Century. An experience not to be missed at a golden time of one’s development. The seeds of a thoughtful life are planted at these times of great impression.

Challenges lead to opportunity

In the summer of 2013 a young Mexican girl, Tamara, and her family decided to have her travel to Camp Canada and attend our two-week summer language camp.   Not only did she travel to Canada but she also stayed with a host family.

Traveling thousands of kilometres to a different country, culture, and language is certainly an intimidating experience; however, Tamara embraced the challenge meeting friends for life and improving her language skills.

She also ended up creating an amazing opportunity for herself.  Tamara returned to Canada just one year later to attend a full academic year at Canada’s oldest independent school where she is thriving.  She attributes her current academic adventure to her willingness to accept the challenge of summer camp abroad years ago.




You never know what opportunities will emerge when you’re willing to embrace opportunity.  What experiences will your child have this summer?

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Paul MacInnis

Camp Canada Director

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