Oil Prices Drop

The international drop in oil prices has many ramifications all over the world; however it is great news for Camp Canada and our families.

Of course, it means we can visit even more exciting places with a reduction in fuel costs in July 2015 which is very exciting for our campers!

The Canadian dollar has fallen to 85 cents in relation to the US Dollar and it’s postulated that it may fall up to 5 cents further in the coming months.

How Does This Impact Our Families?

Parents will be pleased to realize that our international families can more easily afford visiting us here in Nova Scotia.

Like most things in life there are positive aspects to most issues if one chooses to look for them with creativity.

Visit Us This Summer

As you plan your summer, keep us in mind as energy is sure to be abundant at Camp Canada 2015!!

Remember – our special 2014 price extension is sitll going until Feb. 15th!! Take full advantage of the savings and the falling Canadian dollar!

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