Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce to you the home of Camp Canada – the beautiful campus at King’s Edgehill School.


Camp Canada is privileged to enjoy King’s Edgehill School which is actually Canada’s oldest independent school. The school has been educating students since the year 1788. The campus is home to beautiful, open green spaces, plenty of fresh air, and modern amenities that will ensure your child enjoys a wonderful camp experience.

You can learn more about King’s-Edgehill School at –

The campus also contains a beaitiful gymnasium, a lovely swimming pool, spacious and comfortable dorm rooms, excellent food service provider, as well as all of the comforts of home.

Athletic Centre & Jakeman-Field

Another advantage of having our camp hosted at King’s-Edgheill School is the access we are fortunate to have to the school’s medical coordinator – Mrs. Sue Cole.  She is an active member of the school community and her children both attend Camp Canada.

So, please, come and enjoy the legacy here at King’s Edgehill School, home of Camp Canada, and let this be your Canadian home for two weeks this summer.

Thank you very much.  Check back soon for more updates on Camp Canada.

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