As a teacher, I have the pleasure of working with young people every day.  I know that the younger generations can be portrayed negatively in the media; however, I work with some amazing children.

The children I work with are fully aware that they are growing up in a world that is very different than their parents did.  They understand that it is a GLOBAL village and that to succeed they need to be willing to engage with others.  Engage with other cultures, other languages, and be willing to collaborate and work together.


Recently, Camp Canada Director Kevin Lakes traveled to Mexico City with fellow Director Liliana Avila Roque.  While in Mexico, Kevin visited the Colegio Frances Del Pedregal – a wonderful girls school in Mexico City.


Kevin had the opportunity to teach several classes and interact with the girls from the school.  They asked wonderful and insightful questions about Canada and Canadian culture.  By the end of the visit, Kevin had set up a ‘pen-pal’ programme between the students at the Colegio Frances Del Pedregal and students at our school in Nova Scotia – King’s-Edgehill School.


What is truly remarkable, is that many of the Mexican girls are going to have the opportunity to visit our campus this summer when Camp Canada begins on July 13th 2015.


The students that attend Camp Canada, are part of the group of children that are on a mission.  On a mission to learn more, experience more, and we are proud to be part of their journey.


We want to extend an invitation to YOU.  We want your child to join our camp this summer from July 13-27th.

It will be the highlight of their summer………guaranteed!


Paul MacInnis

Camp Canada Director


P.S. – Did you know you can pay for Camp Canada in 4 montly installments??


P.P.S. – Did you know that international campers can be met in Toronto, Ontario for the flight from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia?  Just contact us for details!