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5 Criteria for Choosing a Summer Camp

When it comes to choosing a summer camp for your child, the choices can be overwhelming! Which one is best suited for your child’s needs? Our children are our most treasured resource, it’s well worth spending some time investigating what summer camp options are available and what they can offer your child.

We’ve looked at 5 different questions you should be asking yourself and your child when it comes to properly choosing a summer camp option that will leave a lasting, memorable impression!

1. Your child’s interests

First of all ask: where does your child find meaning and enjoyment? Don’t pick a camp you think you would like, pick one that will fit your child’s personality and temperament. If your child does not like the outdoors, don’t expect them to enjoy the entire time in the wilderness. Look for a mix of activities, as most children want variety and social opportunities. Once this is established, the learning then comes naturally.

2. Will the camp provide a meaningful experience

There are many generic activities that camps use to pass the time. However, meaningful experiences are the ones that come in a camp culture of co-operation, support and have experienced leadership from educators that love what they do. The councilors and teachers will set the tone of excitement. Talk to the directors and staff before making your decision. Any quality camp will make this possible if you need assurance.

3. Your schedule and needs

You have worked hard all year to help your child succeed. This is an opportunity to find a great atmosphere, and let them go, knowing they are safe, independent and challenged. Pick a camp at a time that allows you to relax. This is why boarding can be a great option for some families. At a great camp, you child is better off learning to stand alone, and you can relax. Pick a time that is perfect for you and your child. Discuss what stamina will be required for them to flourish, as the camp should not be too long. Ideally, it will be time to come home just before fatigue sets in.

4. Can you recruit friends to join

Most children are excited to bring a friend or friends to camp. It means they can relax from the beginning and build friendships from a position of confidence. Also, transportation can be facilitated and families can share memories. A great way to build relationships from home is take them to new environments. A great camp will be aware of these connections and help them prosper, while encouraging mixing with others. This is possible in smaller camps that are personal.

5. Price and Venue

Camp is a big category. Some are inexpensive but are usually just “babysitting.” To have an exceptional experience, with professional educators, it will come at a price. If a camp is inexpensive, they are not doing high quality. Look for quality at a fair price. Often one has to pay more to be at a high quality facility. The infrastructure that camp provides is vital for an experience that children will enjoy and parents will have the confidence of safety and success.

As parents, we want our kids to be happy, especially in the summer. Find a camp that is going to expand your child’s horizons. Find a camp where they will learn new things, meet new people, and best of all – forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

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