Summer Camp in Canada Visits South America

Mr. Kevin Lakes, director at Camp Canada has recently enjoyed an amazing adventure in South America.

Kevin and his lovely wife visited Argentina and Chile!

kev away

They experienced the stark contrasts of urban life in Buenos Aires as well as the serene and tranquil landscape of the Cochamo Valley in Chile.


If you know Kevin, you won’t be surprised to learn that he has met hundreds of fascinating people and has enjoyed every moment of it. ¬†Especially spreading the word about our summer camp in Canada.

Camp Canada is an international summer language camp and meeting and interacting with people in different countries is an exciting part of travel for all of the camp directors!

Today, in Windsor, NS, Canada…….it was 8 DEGREES CELSIUS!!!

We were ecstatic, as some of the piles of snow began to melt and it felt as though the grips of winter were finally slipping away!

When the snow begins to melt…….summer camp season is JUST around the corner.

dock photo girls

Camp Canada is filling up – so act fast if you want to secure a spot for your child this July 13th – 27th!

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