Camp Canada is situated in Windsor Nova Scotia, on the beautiful east coast of Canada. The camp provides a safe environment where children develop their English proficiency in an authentic setting by connecting with others from around the world and forging new friendships. A passionate team of professional teachers and counsellors are on hand to facilitate fun, effective learning experiences.

Camp Canada takes advantage of Nova Scotia's stunning natural landscape by offering a number of adventurous outdoor opportunities, including an overnight camping and kayaking trip and various day-long excursions. 

King's Edgehill School

Camp Canada is built on the foundational experiences, culture and spirit of King’s-Edgehill School.



Our Team

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Kevin Lakes

Co-Founder and Director


Kevin Lakes has been a teacher and coach at King’s-Edgehill School in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada for 26 years. His focus has been on teaching writing, communications, history and geography. He has taught students from around the world, with an emphasis on those 11-15 years of age in a boarding school environment. He is a graduate of the University of King’s-College, Saint Thomas University and the Canadian Independent Schools Leadership Institute.


Mr. Lakes and his team have built Camp Canada over the years to be a preeminent summer camp experience for children.

As Director of Junior School Athletics at King’s-Edgehill School, he has coached well over a thousand young athletes in the sports of soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby and baseball during his career, and travelled with teams throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Bermuda.

Having competed as a basketball player at the college level at the University of King’s-College and St. Thomas University, and a season with Le Basketball Club de La Motte Servolex in France, Mr. Lakes is personally aware of the value of travel for young people, and the benefit of learning languages and developing confidence and independence through cultural exchange.

Mr. Lakes lives in rural Nova Scotia with his wife Penny. His twin sons Christian and Zachary, who graduated from King’s-Edgehill in 2013, have both recently completed their studies at St. Thomas University, and are now each pursuing their careers in Education. Christian and Zachary have played an integral role in the growth of Camp Canada as counsellors for many years. In his spare time, he enjoys carpentry, cutting firewood and exercising his retired racehorse Baron on country roads.

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Paul MacInnis

Co-Founder and Director

Paul was a teacher and coach at King’s-Edgehill School in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada for 15 years. A science specialist, he was Head of the International Baccalaureate Biology Programme at Canada’s oldest school. Holder of a Masters’ Degree in Education, Mr. MacInnis is a former Head of the Boys Dormitory at King’s-Edgehill School. Beyond the classroom, he has a passion for soccer, having represented the province of Nova Scotia as both a player, for the Dalhousie University Tigers, and as a coach at the highest competitive level. He lives nearby King’s-Edgehill School with his wife Becky and children Ryland and Jove. He is now a full-time entrepreneur as founder of Halimac Axe Throwing. He loves returning to campus for Camp Canada each July.

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Liliana Avila Roque

Head of Camp Canada Mexico City Office


Liliana is the owner of a successful Educational Consultancy – Avila Educacion.  Before starting her company, she taught Math at Colegio Frances de Pedregal (CFP) from 2005 to 2011. She is presently an Educational Consultant with ties to many Canadian Independent and Public school. Ms. Avila is a graduate of Universidad Anahuac de Sur and attended Queen Margaret’s School in British Columbia. Her children Andrea, Roberto and Santiago are all successful students and athletes that have studied in Mexico and Canada. Roberto and Santiago are counsellors at Camp Canada. Ms. Avila is the first contact for many Mexican families looking to provide an exemplary educational experience for their children abroad at camp, high school or at the university level as she provides advice, facilitation and proper placements for individual students with personal attention and diligent research and well-developed contacts. She travels with her students to Camp Canada each year.

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Sue Cole

Camp Canada’s Nurse

Ms. Cole has a wealth of experience as she heads the Health Services at King’s-Edgehill School. Living on campus, she is a dedicated medical professional and educator. A professional nurse and mother of Camp Canada leaders Max and Taylor, she embraces campus life and all activities. She teaches Health to the Junior School students at KES and loves to stay active by running, biking, and swimming. The directors at Camp Canada are incredibly fortunate to have Ms. Cole’s experience, professionalism, and compassion available during the two-week summer camp.

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Feneida Rene

Dominican Republic


Feneida Rene is a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A teacher, cultural exchange advisor and youth leader, Feneida believes that compassion, respect and travel are at the heart of teaching the next generation. A graduate of the Universidad Dominico Americana, she holds a Master’s in International Cooperation (FUNIBER), and has worked for the ministry of Education in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as an English teacher for 17 years.

In cultural exchange programmes she has 11 years of intensive experience working for the YMCA Dominican Republic managing international programs. Along with her husband Ricardo, she has three children ages 9, 6, and 4. After visiting Camp Canada at King’s-Edgehill School in July 2017, Feneida described the Camp as a magic place where people arrive not knowing each other, and leave as a family. “The first time I met this team I felt at home, too much love, respect, caring,’ she reflected. She is Camp Canada’s representative in the Dominican Republic.

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Our team of counsellors is traditionally recruited from the talented pool of prefects (Grade 12 leaders) at King’s-Edgehill School, along with top students from Mexico City and Canada, with family connections to our team. Each year, we have experienced counsellors return and we bring on board new additions to add vibrancy and new ideas. Counsellors have diverse talents coupled with consistent kindness and leadership abilities. Many have transitioned from campers to our leadership programme and, finally, to counsellors.